Sunday, April 3, 2016

Always Find Time For Relaxation And For The People You Love

           It was a gorgeous weekend for me… Not because it was nice and warm out ;) … that’s not completely necessary for a good time ;) … When you are with the people you love… When you feel good, when you are confident in your skin and in absolute inner peace… You could be happy no matter the weather conditions. Sometimes all you have to do is just to get out - feel the wind on your face, the sun on your skin, and enjoy a good dose of Vitamin D and fresh air. That’s what the weekend is for. To relax and reconnect with ourselves and to make time to nurture the positive relationships that we have with friends and family.

This weekend I’ve been rocking again that lovely Banana Republic luminous peach coat: White ripped mid-rise jeans from Zara; Turtleneck top from H&M and bag and shoes from F21. 

My gorgeous sunnies are from Mirina Collection. If you like them you could use my code <coloristta> for 20% off from the entire store on ;)

Photography: Steven Jaramillo

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