Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our Few Days in Moscow

Traveling, for me it has always been the best way to spend your money, because it makes you much richer; changes your perspective of life; opens your eyes and fulfill your soul. Sometimes I feel like I’m a travel addict, and I’m not even ashamed about it :). As soon as I came back from a trip, I started planing the new one already. And I absolutely agree with the saying that if traveling was for free - you would never see me here :) !!!
  We try to go to places that we haven’t been before as often as we can. This month trip was to the big Russia. We chose Moscow for our first trip there, but we are definitely planing to go back to Saint Petersburg soon.   
Our few days in the Russian capital was surprisingly hot. The heat made me improvise with my outfits (I was prepared for cooler weather), but I’m not complaining at all ;) 

We tried to see and to experience as much as we could for the short time we were there and this is list of suggestion: 
  • Of course - Red Square, thats number one thing you should see in Moscow. We had that gorgeous photoshoot there, that I posted last week (you could see it here). Kremlin with the armory and the diamond fund and St. Basil's Cathedral - mostly from outside 
  • Definitely take a stroll inside GUM - Russia's most famous shopping mall and grab an ice-cream, then have a diner and a wine at sunset in Bosco Cafe - with a view of the Red Square - nice atmosphere with delicious Italian food and good service.
  • We really liked the food and the drinks in Ugol√ęk bar & grill. Very modern and urban atmosphere, nice cocktail, young and good looking crowd… good music.
  • Take a Moscow river cruise for a nice view and fresh air.
  • And definitely check out the Moscow subway - besides breath-taking art works, it shows a major part of Russian's culture.

Photography: Steven Jaramillo

Dress: Zara

 Skirt: H&M

scarf: Forever 21 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Midnight in Moscow


       I want to share with you some pictures from our recent trip to Moscow. I had that gorgeous midnight photoshoot in the heart of the Red Square… Such a great experience. 
Usually when I do the styling for photoshoot of myself or a client I always try to recreate the vibes that the places of the shoots are giving me. So that’s why I choose to wear that cute little red dress for the big Red Square. Before anybody says that’s a cliche - I want to say that I’m standing proudly behind my choice ;) 
Bold red dress and lipstick not only because of the name of the square, or the star on the top of the Kremlin, or the colors of most of the buildings around - but also because of the boldness, willpower and courage, that sense while you’re walking there. It’s interesting to know that  the square's name has nothing to do with communism or with the color of many of its buildings. In fact it derives from the word 'krasnyi', which once meant 'beautiful', and has only come to mean 'red' in contemporary Russian. The name became official in the middle of the 17th century.

Actually I really wish I had with me some bright yellow dress, which would  contrast so nicely on the red background, but I wasn't prepared this time. If someone is planing to visit Moscow and the Red Square I’m really suggesting to pack also something nice, bright and yellow too ;) 

In a few days I’ll write an other post with more pictures from our short trip to the Russian capital and some more info of where we've been and what we did!


Dress: Zara; Shoes: Vince Camuto

Photography Steven Jaramillo