Thursday, August 4, 2016

Easy, Breezy and Beautiful :)


         When it’s a hot summer day in the city you just want to relax, chill and take it easy. Maybe take a walk by the water or hang out in the Financial district. But definitely feel fresh and comfortable…. And what’s easier then putting on a nice, long silk dress and a comfy minimalist sneakers like these all-white Steve Madden kicks. The matching up accessories are absolute must. They compliment the look and complete the whole theme. 
        Sometimes when you put sneakers with a maxi dress  it could be a little tricky because it might visually shorten your legs that’s when the long slit helps by showing your legs and giving you more feminine and sexy look ;)
          Such an easy, breezy and beautiful look I really hope you like it too :)


Photography - Steven Jaramillo

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