Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Taking On The Jogger Trend

         I usually try to keep my style classy... I love to experiment with styles and materials, but always try to make it look sophisticated. That’s why for a long time I kept the jogger pants only for my lazy days at home. But lately the connection between me and my comfy, soft sweats is so strong that I start to involve them more and more into my daily look.  They are basically socially acceptable pajamas… so I decided to give my full support of this hot trend! It’s pretty easy to style the relaxed fit of jogger pants with the right pair of statement shoes, fun accessories, and a great top. My choice for today is black cotton pair of joggers by Zara, which  I combine with an old, black biker leather jacket… my new suede booties with a rose embroidery on the heel by Wild Diva and a Zara red scarf for some pop up color… my clutch is by Moda Luxe. It looks comfortable and yet totally chic… 
I hope you like it. Let me know what you think  :)

Photography by Steven Jaramillo

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