Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cuba Diary Part I: Havana

       Since Americans can now legally travel there and with the direct flights for less then 3 hours (from NYC) Cuba now is one of hottest destinations… and totally deserves it!!! Spending there 2 of the most amazing weeks and escaping from the cold January NYC was magnificent. 
      With its incredible architecture, amazing local art, bright vintage car collection and salsa rhythms it serves as the perfect getaway for the stylish adventurers. 
Usually when preparing for my trips I always take  clothes  that are inspired by the places that I'm going to and are linked with my personal style. So for Cuba naturally I filled my suitcase with  colorful dresses, tops, and skirts - inspired by the 50’s fashion. They worked quite perfectly with the heat and the surroundings. 

Things you should definitely see 

      Some of my favorite places in Havana are Plaza Vieja, Hotel Nacional and Callejon de Hamel. You should also check out Museum of Revolution - if you’ve expected to be dull, filled with propaganda and short on history before Castro’s time—you are wrong! The former presidential palace is decorated by none other than Tiffany & Co and has beautiful neoclassical elements.

     Callejon de Hamel - The narrow two-block long alley between Aramburu and Hospital streets in Centro Habana has over the years become a shrine to Afro-Cuban religions through the art created by Salvador González. The buildings are lined with brightly-colored paintings, murals, sculptures and objects, which depict rituals and deities. Also, rumba groups play here every Sunday. 
       Here we had the chance to meet and hang out with Salvador himself, who’s  so amazing to talk with.  

      Hotel Nacional - From Winston Churchill to Frank Sinatra, Hotel Nacional has hosted some of the biggest names of the past century. Famous with the cocktails, cigars, and beautiful atmosphere, it’s definitely a must for everyone’s itinerary in Havana.

Things you should definitely do

Rent an old classic car and go back in time. It’s nice and enjoying 1 hour drive through the town which cost around 50 pesos.  

Have a nice, relaxing walk on Malecon

Enjoy the view from  San Cristobal Cathedral (Plaza de la Cathedral) and The Camera Obscura (Plaza Vieja).

San Cristobal Cathedral (Plaza de la Cathedral)

       And last but not least just enjoy the streets of Havana - try the street food… and the local "hair salons"… have a nice conversation with the locals… few mojitos and don’t be shy to dance salsa on the streets of Havana!   

Have a nice conversation with the locals

     Try the Local "hair salons" ;)

    Try the street food

     Plaza Vieja

    Plaza de la Revolution 

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