Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Blues Spring

Is it just me… or this spring was completely wrong. I didn't feel it at all. It was cold and raining or will make a quick jump straight to summer weather. I was so exited about staying some spring  sets but then I couldn't wear it… I’ve been stealing some nice day here and there but I really couldn't enjoy it that much…. And I love spring so much… My absolutely favorite time of the year in New York City is May and June… so now I'm putting my hopes up on June… Pls June do not disappoint me!!! 
I guess, you guys already sensed that I'm writing this on a rainy day… :)  It’s all good though… as long as I could still steal some nice, sunny day, like the one from the photoshoot I want to share with you…

On that gorgeous day - last week we took the air tramp to Roosevelt Island and enjoy a nice walk in the new park there. I’m wearing those cute high rise vintage-style jeans with pearls from Zara. This is my accent piece, thats why for the rest of the look I’m betting on something more clean and simple, like that perfect fit shirt from JCrew. The shoes are by Marc Fisher and they been one of my favorite pair for this season. (I’ve been so into the block heels lately.. and I’ve been thinking to even write a blog post about that - let me know what you guys think). The bag I just got from Zara is for lest then $30. The sunglasses are by Marina Collection

Photography by Steven Jaramillo 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pictures From The Archives


         About a year ago I took these pictures in Sofia, Bulgaria… the time passed and I forgot and never posted them. I was going through my pictures the other day and found them… what a pleasant surprise…
One of the best things about these pictures is that I can take this outfit out of my closet today and put it on with the same excitement. Don’t you love a classic looking outfit that could live through the time and still look awesome… I know… I know a year is not that long, but in the world of fashion one year is like a dog year :)  
I always like the match between denim shirt and a colored flare faux leather skirts. It just makes the look very trendy and urban chic… combine it with a nice pair of heels and a nice accent bag.

P.S. We took those gorgeous pictures by St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria - one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world, as well as one of Sofia's symbols and primary tourist attractions that is totally worth seeing.

You could find a similar skirt here and a similar denim shirt here. The bag is by Miu MIu and the shoes are Vince Camuto. The sunnies are by Mirina Collection

Photography by Steven Jaramillo