Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Best Fashion Time of the Year

Naturally the summer is coming to an end. I know that for some of you that could be something sad but just embracing the moment and take the best of it. For me the last days of summer and the first day of fall are the best fashion time. This time of the year is giving you the opportunity to mix and match in your daily wardrobe elements from both seasons and the chance to wear everything from sandals through shoes and boots. The days are still warm but with a little breeze in the air… and you could still wear short sleeve tops but combining them with a nice scarf, jacket or a light cardigan for an accent.

My tip for you - don't forget the hat and wear warm colors. Now is all on you. Go out and have fun mixing and matching your clothes.

    I'm wearing a linen top by J.Crew; pleated midi skirt by Zara; bag by Madewell; shoes by Gucci; fedora hat by Callahan (similar here); sunglasses by Miu Miu  

 Photography by Steven Jaramillo

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