Monday, December 4, 2017

On The Streets of New York City


       Hey guys today I’m sharing with you that little project that we did together with my friend and amazing dancer - gorgeous Amanda. She helped me to present in the best way that romantic, french inspired look.  
I saw a similar look with an oversized sweater on top of a lacy slip dress on a Givenchy window about a month ago and I got so in love with it. That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised  when the other day while I was browsing in Zara for something simple, cheap and cute I saw this sweater dress with the lace in the bottom. It reminded me of that window look so much. 
I decided to combine it with a bit of grungy shoes to go with the oversized sweater and a romantic french beret to correspond with the dreamy black lace. I think that the bag is the element that fully blend everything in the look with its modern, urban take of the emblematic Parisian mesh bag and interior pouch in black velvet. This Sonia Rykel bag has been my favorite lately. My necklace is actually a black rope choker that I decided to unfold and play around with it. 

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