Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Polka dots The Ultimate Spring Style

I just bought this polka dots, wide-leg pants yesterday I wear them today and received so many compliments about them. People were literally stoping me on the street to tell me how cool my pants are. And the coolest part about them is that they are less then $50! I love purchases like that.  
A lot of the comments of people was… “OMG I would never be able to pull it off the way you do”… Guys is not hard. Don’t be afraid to wear polka dots. There is not much rules about that as long as is fun for you. My personal goal in my looks always been to look classy. And to make the polka dots look classy keep a few simple things in mind. When you have a big statement piece (like a bright orange pants with a big polka dots) you need to make sure that everything else in your look is simple and plain. Next important thing is if you have an oversize piece on top or on the bottom (in my case wide-leg pants) its better if the rest of your clothes are tight. Thats why I choose this perfect fit simple white top. 
My white round bag is corresponding with the white polka dots on the pants and my platform white sneakers are combining the whole look and dressing it down for a day look.   
Polka dots are the ultimate spring style for 2018… they are fun and bold and you will definitely make a statement… enjoy it… have fun and share with me your thoughts, comments or concerns… 


Pants: Zara; Top: Zara; Shoes: Steve Madden similar; Bag: Nico Giani; Sunnies: Quay Australia

Photography: Steven Jaramillo

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