Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Hi! I'm Coloristta and I’m obsessed with the color Red this season! 
That’s the absolute truth guys. Color red is my biggest obsession this season. It almost feels like a need to have something red every day. And to be honest I always liked it, but never into such an obsession. 
Today I am introducing you to my faux fur red coat by Aqua. I bought it from Bloomingdales in the beginning of the season and I just love it but unfortunately is not available anywhere anymore so here and here are some cool similar options . 
The red obsession continues with my Sam Edelman booties and always red lips. My current favorite red lipstick is the Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick by Sephora Collection (the color number is #01Always Red). 
My second obsession is my mom jeans. Please don’t judge me, but in the beginning I was making so much fun at anyone that was wearing mom jeans and now I live in mine. They are so comfortable and flattering, I can’t believe I ever worn anything else. The one I'm wearing today are by Stradivarius. I bought them in Bulgaria on my emergency trip after the Camino de Santiago, when I only had my hiking gear with me. 
I am combining the look with my black Free People top with red embroidery
My third obsession is my black nails. I never ever wore black nail polish before. I always though that it’s too gothic. But now I love it so much and actually find it very classy and elegant. 
My new bag is by Luana Italy and my sunnies are by Miu Miu

Pls share with me what are your obsessions this season I can’t wait to read it!


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